Marco Della Gala presented SOFIA at the TRADEIT and Trafoon Networks joint closing conference

MarcoDellaGaala_TRADIT1Thursday the 20th of October in Brusselles, Marco Della Gala presented the project SOFIA at the TRADEIT andTrafoon Networks joint closing conference titled – Open to Innovation: Networks for the sustainability of Traditional Food Sector in Europe

Marco presented the main objectives of the project SOFIA and how the participation in the TRADEIT Entrepreneurship Summer Academy (ESA) 2015, where he worked with many other PhD students from different disciplines and different countries, helped him in looking at his research from different perspectives and encouraged him to apply to the H2020  Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship call in 2015.




Then Marco in collaboration with the representatives of the ESA for the editions 2014 and 2016,  Ricardo Malheiro (from the School of Agriculture, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal) and Estefanía Núñez Carmona (PhD in Agri-Food Science Technologies and Biotechnologies at the University of Brescia, Italy) was engaged with 2 SMEs whom they had never met before, asking them the necessary questions to understand their innovation needs, and working as a team, presenting how the  research the three young researchers were carrying on could have been useful to help the two traditional food SMEs.